Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is sometimes referred to by its initials, LGS, and is also sometimes called leaky bowel syndrome. Leaky gut is a contentious issue among many in the allopathic (traditional) medical community. Most holistic practitioners, however, agree…LGS is a very real disease, and can have horrible effects on those who suffer from it, and… [Continue Reading]


Bacterial Vaginosis

Most women have had smelly yeast infections (Vaginal Candidiasis), and know they can generally be easily treated with over-the-counter remedies like Monistat or Vagisil. But what if you’ve tried such a treatment, and your yeast infection hasn’t cleared up? If this is the case, chances are good that your vaginal odor problem may be caused… [Continue Reading]

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Systemic Candidiasis as a Cause of Fecal Body Odor

Systemic Candidiasis, sometimes also called chronic candidiasis, is a fungal infection, and is a commonly cited source of fecal body odor. Those of you who have heard of yeast infections may consider them a woman’s disease, but let me assure you, men can be overrun with these organisms as well! While yeast infections of the… [Continue Reading]