Body Mint Review

I stumbled onto this product called Body Mint a couple of months ago, and thought that my readers might find it interesting to know about. After all, it touts itself as a true body odor cure, and it has mostly good reviews, so what did I have to lose? I picked up a bottle to see if all the hype was warranted, or if it was just another case of overblown marketing. Here is my Body Mint Review!

Body Mint Ingredients

The ingredients listed for Body Mint are as follows: sodium copper chlorophyllin, cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, stearic acid. While the exact formula is proprietary, the science behind the main ingredient is strong. Various forms of chlorophyll has long been known to be active absorbers and preventers of odors, particularly body odors. But sodium copper chlorophyllin may have other uses besides just curing body odor! In doing my research for this page, I noted that it has also been shown to be an effective antimutagenic – similar to antioxidants, antimutagenics prevent damage at the cellular level within your body (source here). So there’s a good chance that you’re doing more for your body than just suppressing odors by taking Body Mint. I think of it as a superfood that also happens to help control body odor.

When I looked up Body Mint’s other ingredients (cellulose, dicalcium phosphate & stearic acid), I found them to be standard, benign ingredients, used to make the tablets hold together & have a stable shape.

Body Mint Methods of Action

As you might expect of a product called Body Mint, this stuff works systemically to prevent body odor. This includes not only the odor from your armpits, but also other areas, such as feet & genitals, as well as halitosis (bad breath). The makers say you can expect to see results within a month. Personally, I noticed within just a few days that my breath was fresher before I brushed my teeth in the mornings. Of course, I still brushed! But how nice to think that if I were to have some kind of midnight emergency (hey, with kids, it happens!), I wouldn’t be mowing down everyone I talk to with my foul breath. I’m not the only one who noticed a quick change though. Not only did reviewers here often see results within days, but the folks CNN talked to also saw fast improvements (see the bottom of this article for the video).

One great thing several reviewers also reported was a decrease in perspiration, especially among folks who were heavy perspirers to begin with. Since I usually only sweat when I’m working out (I work a desk job in a climate-controlled environment), I can’t really comment on this. But if you happen to suffer with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) this may just be a bonus feature of this product for you. Note that Body Mint isn’t the one claiming this benefit, but since I saw it reported by several reviewers, I wanted to call my readers’ attention to it.

Some of the negative reviews I saw had me wondering what product they were talking about. One guy claims he “drank the whole bottle” and it did nothing. Drank? These are tablets! I’m thinking that guy might have been aiming for another product, and just posted his review on the first product that came up. Another complaint was that it changed the color & smell of the person’s feces. Personally? I’d still be tickled pink if it did that, given that it makes the rest of me smell better! But the reality is that it has caused me no noticeable ill effects, and the upside is wonderful!

One Thing I’m Not Sure About Body Mint

The makers of Body Mint claim that you should be able to stop using deodorants altogether once Body Mint kicks in. While that would be a nice savings to have, I don’t think I’m willing to take that chance. If you are, though, and would like to let me know how it goes, by all means leave me a comment below! One thing I am considering is cutting my dosage back to one tablet per day (bottle says to take two per day) now that my body odor (and especially my breath odor) is more under control. If I do wind up testing this theory out, I’ll let you know how it works out for me.

Where to Buy Body Mint

The best prices as of this writing can be found on Amazon. Be sure to check this page though, as there are several listings, and prices fluctuate all the time. And remember that even if the price goes back up to the retail of $19.95, Amazon is one of the few places you can pay no shipping (assuming you can find something to get your order up over $25, or if you have Amazon Prime), and no sales tax (at least in most states). Of course, feel free to as well. I’ve noticed that, especially if you want to buy in bulk, they sometimes have better deals even counting shipping.

There is also a Body Mint Sport version, which I have not yet tried myself. It appears to be a slightly stronger (and thus slightly more expensive) version of the original. So if you are the type who sweats a lot due to choice (e.g. a jogger, serious sports enthusiast or similar) you might want to give the Sport version a try. You can check prices here and , or view reviews here.

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