Candidiasis Treatment – My Own Story

Many folks come to this site desperate. From personal experience, I can understand why. Candida is such a nefarious organism; you can have it living in peaceful harmony within your body for years, then suddenly one day something (usually a course of antibiotics) tips the balance in its favor, and your whole life changes. The biggest problem for me was figuring out that my problem was candida. Most doctors, and certainly general practitioners, don’t think to look for candida. As much as I love my own doc, she never once mentioned this insipid fungus as a possible cause for all my woes.

And believe me, I had woes! I don’t want to drag you down; rather I want to give you hope. So here I list just a few of my ailments, just to let you know that it is possible to wipe them all out with one hammer strike:
Fecal body odor
Mysterious aches and pains from my jaw to my toes
Itchy areas of skin
Inexplicable sniffles, acne, and other miscellaneous ailments that all added up to be major energy drains.

…and loads more. Like I said, I’m not here to focus on the negatives, but I could go on for probably another ten minutes listing all the various ailments both small and large which have miraculously disappeared since I discovered how to do at-home candidiasis treatment. As you can imagine, it’s been an enormous relief to finally figure out what was wrong with me. When your quality of life has been degraded to the point mine was, you’re willing to do just about anything to get your life back.

And while I won’t say that getting candida under control is easy, I can say with authority that it sure beats the alternative!

Since no doctor ever diagnosed me with candida, I didn’t have the option to use prescription drugs in my candidiasis treatment. But since it was prescriptions that got me into trouble in the first place, I can’t say I would have been too keen to try them anyway! But I’ll tell you what I did do.

Basically, I got lucky. I found an alternative healthcare practitioner who advocated a version of the low carb lifestyle (it’s called Healthy For Life, and there’s an excellent book on it available here), and that got me moving in the right direction because I noticed myself making some improvements on this sort of diet. And while I’m grateful to him (the practitioner) for getting me looking in the right direction, he didn’t have all the pieces to my puzzle. The publication that really allowed me to take control back is an eBook by Linda Allen.

While Ms. Allen’s site (and ebook – Yeast Infection No More) talks a great deal about vaginal yeast infections (which was something I had had trouble with, but they definitely weren’t my primary complaint), the fact is it’s a holistic system that’s appropriate for either gender. Yes, men can get systemic candida infections too! In some ways, I think I was lucky to be female. I’m pretty sure there are loads of guys out there suffering, but who will never even consider candidiasis treatment, because so many people think the concept of “yeast infection” only applies to women!

So while the book does offer some awesome options for treating vaginal yeast infections at home, the important part for me was further back in the book, where the author goes over the dietary recommendations and supplements for combating systemic candidiasis. I knew her system was going to work for me though when I tried the CandiZyme she suggested; it was a huge game changer for me, allowing me to sleep the full night through for the first time in months! And it couldn’t be easier to use; just take 3 capsules at bedtime (at least two hours after your last meal) and overnight it will do the work of breaking down the cell walls of the candida in your digestive tract. Then whatever anti-fungal you throw at it will me many times more effective!

I could go on here, and spout about all the various ways I’ve punched candida in the gut, but the reality is you’ll get a lot more if you read Ms. Allen’s ebook. Reason being, what worked for me, may or may not work for you or anyone else. Since I didn’t use every suggestion in the ebook, I’m far from an authority on how each method works, and in the end, YOU are the only authority on your body – not your doctor, not some scientist in an ivory tower…YOU. And you can learn a lot more about you simply by paying attention to how you react to different things. Keeping a food and supplement diary helps immensely with this. While that may sound like too much work, it’s one of the things which helped the most in pinpointing the fact that it was candida (and to a lesser extent, leaky gut) which were at the root of my problems.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. If you’d like to know more about how candidiasis treatment can help you, check out the ebook for yourself!

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