Fecal Body Odor Causes – New Information Posted

Fecal body odor may be caused by a number of different issues. A new article on our site, entitled Fecal Body Odor Causes, covers the general nature of these possible causes. Possible causes include hygienic or unsanitary conditions, difficulties with physical functioning, occupational (work-related) issues, and conditions which affect the entire body, such as infectious diseases.

Among the hygienic concerts which may cause fecal body odor are such issues as the fragrances in soaps interacting with an individual’s body chemistry. Anal leakage is a known difficulty of physical functioning which may lead to unpleasant aromas. Working in an unsanitary place such as an abbatoir or factory farm could easily be a root cause. And of course, systemic infections such as chronic candidiasis are known to be fecal body odor causes.

For more information on fecal body odor and its causes, please check out this new article, as well as the other resources available at BodyOdorCures.org.

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