Fecal Body Odor

While this may be an uncommon problem, it is a horrible and hugely stressful issue for those of us who have it. This is the issue that prompted me to start this site. For those fortunate enough to not suffer from this affliction, I will give you a brief overview. Fecal body odor is not a simple case of bad hygiene. As those who contend with this issue can tell you; we can take a thorough shower, scrubbing every part of ourselves, step out of the shower, dry off, and still have an unpleasant, fecal odor about ourselves. It is enough to drain anyone’s self confidence, and sends many into depression. This is why finding a cure for this problem is so very important to those who suffer from it.

Alas, there is no single cure-all or answer. Because everyone’s chemistry is different, there are many different cures for fecal body odor. This can make the search for the cure that works for you a very frustrating and long search. However, there is light at the end of this long and lonely tunnel! Although I found the cure for my own problem with fecal body odor (you’ll see as you read through what worked for me), I realize that this cure will not work for everyone. So I am trying to create here as comprehensive a list as possible so that everyone can find a cure that works for them. As I hear about new solutions, I will continue writing them up here.

As with all the other pages on this site, feel free to comment below if you know of a fecal body odor cure which we have not yet covered. Your fellow sufferers will thank you!

Possible causes of fecal body odor:

Chronic Candidiasis
Leaky Gut Syndrome

The above are the two things which seemed to be causing my own fecal body odor. While I have no medical proof, I can tell you that once I took my health into my own hands, and treated myself for those two problems, I no longer had any fecal body odor! As far as I’m concerned, that’s proof enough. If you’d like to read more about my success story, please see my page about my own candidiasis treatment process.


  1. Fish says:

    It is not a medical diagnosis… yet, so in my experience, docs will ask about stains on the underwear (none in my case), do a quick check for very obvious signs of sphincter muscle or nerve damage, rectal or hemorrhoid prolapses, and if none are found, will tell you they smell nothing and to not worry about it. Others whose stories I’ve read on the internet have had to bring along someone to verify to the doc that the person smelled like feces to avoid being sent to a psychiatrist, and only then did the doc start seriously looking into it.

    For those who suffer from bad smells emitting from the anus, some sort of evidence to make it a diagnosable condition is necessary, and we’ve got to organize it ourselves, given that our condition is rare, it is not life threatening or urgent like children dying due to flaccid muscles, and it’s not a field researchers are at all likely to be interested in unless they themselves suffer from fecal body odor, we can’t really just wait for the medical community to look into it.

    The best ideas I can think of are ways to measure the chemicals that cause the fecal smell, or something to measure occasional over relaxation of the sphincter or spasming of the sphincter.

  2. Derick Buck says:

    I have the same problem. your right. we have to find some way to measure this on the chemical level ourselves. I just started college. I am in my late 20′s but science (chemistry, physics, some medicine) is my area. I will do what I can. e-mail me at Gravitational_Distortion@msn.com. Let me know any information you gather, any ideas, any suggestions. I will do the same for you. We will figure this out

  3. Tom Bob says:

    My odor evolved. It started smelling like a lite 70s cologne, then to a garlic like aroma and finished off with the dreaded fecal smell. I would go through 3 changes of clothes a day with a shower every change. I drank quite regularly and realized I had to start with dropping the alcohol (not an easy thing to do). That worked. But it took 2-3 weeks after I quit for the smell to go away. If anyone you love has this stench, you should tell them. Chances are they already know and just need someone to confront them. In my case it was stink or don’t drink. I can’t imagine living my life with that odor.
    Like others said, it does have a lot to do with your personal chemistry. You may not find the cause right away, but start with the obvious. Good luck!

  4. pawel says:

    hi tom bob
    are you still with no body fecal odour?
    how often u drunk?

    • Tom Bob says:

      When I drank, I was drunk at least 4 times a week. Drinking probably 100+ drinks weekly. Didn’t matter if it was hard liqour or beer. Been sober 5 1/2 months now and not missing the odor.

    • tom bob says:

      End of August now and no odor. Was drunk at least 4 nights a week. Still sober!

  5. Jake Simmons says:

    I have had body odour for almost a year now, its so emberassing having to go to University with this problem, and i live in the UK! I dont know whether it’s fecal body odor or not. However the symptoms of leaky gut are there, like indegestion, bloatness every single meal, constipation and sometimes diareha. I dont mind having those things IF i didnt have to deal with the smell also.

    I dont know what you guys describe as Fecal, but my odour smells of anything Ive eaten, once the food goes down my throat, and into the gut, i can smell it straight away, Ive been to the doctors they tested me for IBS and said i didnt have it and everything in the blood was normal. Now i suspect it might be fecal body odour, due to a leaky gut.

    Ive noticed how when i dont eat anything for a Day, theres either a smell of what i ate the day before, or theres a sort of gas/ farty smell coming from my armpits.

    Please if you could give me advice, or which supplements to try, ive tried almost every supplement i can think off, from chlorophyll tablets to Digestive enzymes, to charcoal to mushroom extracts. Please help ive lost hope in going to see doctors.

    • couponf2 says:

      Hi Jake,

      If you’ve tried all the recommended supplements, it may be time to dig deeper, and modify your diet. If your problem is candida or leaky gut, then adopting an appropriate diet (which also sometimes requires a different set of supplements than the ones traditionally recommended just for body odor) may be your only route to smelling clean again.

      The best resources I’ve found online for such diet modifications are the candida diet system by Linda Allen (available at candidabodyodor.info) and the leaky gut cure system by Karen Brimeyer (available at fecalbodyodor.info).

      I know it can be difficult to modify your diet; believe me my way of eating was ingrained in me for over 30 years before I had to change it! But it all comes down to this: what are you willing to do to solve the problem? If you’re OK living with fecal body odor, then you needn’t consider something as drastic as changing your diet. If, however, you truly want to be rid of foul odors, it just might be worth a try.

      Best of luck,

      As for what I consider to be a “fecal smell,” I imagine it’s the same as the “gas/farty” smell you described. Basically, it smells like what comes out of one’s bum…despite the fact that it isn’t coming from that region of the body!

    • mischa says:

      Jake you should really start with your diet and with exercise. You wont get anywhere if you do not get the diet right. I would really suggest going on the vegan and a low sugar, low carb diet. Meat and dairy smells horrendous when it is sitting in your body and rotting away. The worse smells seem to come from those. Also a lot of people mention sugar triggering the odour which is why a low sugar diet is good to try out. Things like blueberries, raspberries, brown rice, oatmeal, carrots, celery, lettuce are good to eat. Really, you need to see what works best for you, and add in other food as you deem fit. Some people can tolerate white meant like chicken and turkey – but I do not like to risk it. Other people have reported that eating gluten gives them the fecal body odour, so you might want to avoid that as well.

      Start exercising every day to sweat out the toxins. Start running, you need to push yourself to exercise, it motivates you to stick to the diet.

      Epsom salts is very good to cleanse out your system and make you have bowels movements. If you want a big flush, take 2 tablespoons of epsom salts and mix in a tall glass of warm water, add 3 tablespoons of something like lemon or grapefruit. This will really get your bowels moving. If you just want to have a bowel movement once a day, only take 1 teaspoon of epsom salts.

      Important supplements to take are magnesium citrate and zinc. Keep taking digestive enzymes for you main meals. B12 is also important, folic acid as well if you stick to a restricted diet.

      I do not know if this comment will be approved, I have doubts. But still, I hope you find some good forums to read about this issue online even if you do not see my post.

      • Linda says:

        I am leaving this comment intact, but would like to add a note of caution:

        Folks should ABSOLUTELY have their kidney function checked out by their doctor before taking epsom salts or any other form of magnesium. Failing to do so can have fatal consequences!

        And, as with any advice you receive from the internet – do your own fact checking. :)


  6. mischa says:

    Part of me wishes you would stop mentioning the ebook and give people some straight answers. It makes me distrustful of what you say seeing the ebook link in your success story. Can’t you just tell people what you did not eat, what supplements you took, how long it took? I have been to other body odour websites and the people who have cured themselves gladly speak of these things to other people, even though they know they will be writing a lot. They do it, because they know they can help eachother.

    • Linda says:

      Hi mischa,

      I can understand your mistrust, but I ask you to look at it from the point of view of the author of the ebook I recommend, as well as my own point of view (since I am an author of sorts, although I am not trying to sell my work – I give it for free in the form of a web site).

      If I were to tell you what the book says, and what it told me to do, or even the steps I took because of what I read, I might as well be distributing the book to you for free, which is copyright infringement. Even if I am paraphrasing, that would be as good as stealing money from the author, which was not my intent in starting this site. Quite the opposite, I’d like to ensure that as many folks as possible buy her ebook, because it is a win-win – she as the author makes money for her work of writing, and the purchasers, like myself, get a chance at curing their problem.

      I say “a chance at” because not everyone will follow her advice. Many of the dietary changes she recommends are unpalatable (e.g. giving up sugar). But that is their decision to make, once they have read her advice and her reasoning for it.

      In point of fact, most or all of the information in the ebook is likely available *somewhere* on the web for free – at least those parts about how to cure the candidiasis, and thus the fecal body odor problem (I wouldn’t expect her personal anecdotes to be found elsewhere). The advantage of purchasing the ebook is twofold:
      1. It helps to separate fact from fiction; there is a lot of sales and marketing material out there trying to get you to buy this or that product. Once you’ve paid for the ebook, there’s no more incentive for the author to keep selling, so you get the “straight dope” as it were.
      2. It gives you all the information in one convenient place for ease of reference and smooth reading. While you could conceivably collect all the same information from however many dozen web sites, it would take you much longer. In the end, you have to decide if your time is worth more than the price of the ebook. If it isn’t then the simple answer is to spend the necessary hours to go ahead and assemble the information yourself. If your time is more valuable than that, then the logical answer is to make the purchase, and have it all delivered to you in one package.

      I hope that makes sense,

      P.S. sorry to take so long to approve your comments & respond. I’ve gotten very busy with life lately and my web site has suffered!

  7. achilles says:

    If you have the fecal body odour avoid eating garlic,soured chips,vinegar,and strong tea.don’t use any essence that would worsen the odour.

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