Systemic Candidiasis as a Cause of Fecal Body Odor

Systemic Candidiasis, sometimes also called chronic candidiasis, is a fungal infection, and is a commonly cited source of fecal body odor. Those of you who have heard of yeast infections may consider them a woman’s disease, but let me assure you, men can be overrun with these organisms as well!

While yeast infections of the vagina are the most commonly noted form of candidiasis, many folks forget that thrush and diaper rash are also candida infections. Less commonly known is that this can also become a systemic disease, and affect both men and women, young and old, and a fecal body odor is but one of its manifestations. Your healthcare practitioner may have the easiest time of diagnosing this problem; many times it can be detected by a simple tongue scraping. Contrary to popular belief, candida does not always produce an obvious white coating on the tongue, so having this test performed is essential.

If your doctor will help you

With chronic candidiasis, particularly the systemic form, it is especially important that you try to work with your doctor to overcome the infection, because oftentimes it is merely a symptom of a greater, underlying illness such as diabetes, leukemia or some other disease which compromises the immune system. And because candidiasis is a fungal infection rather than a bacterial infection, antibiotics will not help. In fact, antibiotics generally make such infections worse, because they kill off beneficial bacteria which normally help keep yeast populations in check. This is just one of many reasons so many in the healthcare field have changed their advice and no longer prescribe antibiotics as a preventative measure.

In addition to following your doctor’s orders, what else can you do to overcome the fecal body odor caused by chronic candidiasis? Many have found chlorophyll tablets to be helpful, though they rarely eliminate all of the odor. For more information about the most potent form of chlorophyll you can get for combating body odor, please check out my Body Mint Review. Zinc is also reported to help with body odor, though one must be careful to balance it with a copper supplement as well, due to the fact that excess zinc can cause all sorts of havoc in the body ranging from anemia to neuropathy. Chlorophyll and zinc work internally, so they can help stop odor before it has a chance to seep out through your pores and sweat glands.

Treating your own fecal body odor

Hopefully, if you are diagnosed with chronic candidiasis, the medical treatment you receive will eventually clear up your fecal body odor completely. However, many medical practitioners will miss a diagnosis of yeast infection, or sometimes they simply do not believe that a simple candida infection can wreak such havoc on your body. I can reassure you, however, that it can cause symptoms from depression and weight gain to restless legs and food allergies. If you don’t believe me, just check out the symptom list on this page (it’s in a blue box after the first couple of paragraphs)! If your doctor can’t or won’t assist you in beating your candidiasis, or even if you’d just like to learn more about fighting this disease which so often is the root cause of fecal body odor, I would highly recommend Ms. Allen’s program. This is the only holistic and complete system I’ve found that relieved my own issues with fecal body odor!

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