Fecal Body Odor Causes

Fecal body odor is a problem with which many people are afflicted, but few know anything about curing. The primary reason for this is because there is no single cause for it. Fecal body odor causes can range from something as simple as “skidmarks” in your underwear to something as complex as systemic candidiasis. Still, in each individual’s case, it is important to make every effort to determine the cause. Below are the most common causes of fecal body odor.

Hygienic Fecal Body Odor Causes

While this may seem like a no-brainer to some, this is usually the first thing to check for if you’re suffering from fecal body odor. To be sure, it will be the first thing your doctor questions you about if you come to him or her complaining of fecal body odor! So make sure you’ve ruled out all the obvious possible causes. Ensure that you bathe every day. Try switching your shampoos, body washes, deodorants, and even colognes; what they say about scents interacting differently with everyone’s body chemistry is true! And your own body chemistry can change as well, so a lotion that used to smell wonderful on you may no longer be pleasant after you experience changes to your diet, hormonal shifts, or other alterations to your internal chemistry. I know it seems impossible that fecal body odor could be caused by something so innocuous, but isn’t it worth at least trying? If you could remedy your situation just by throwing out your old shampoo, it would certainly be better than having to alter your entire lifestyle to change your body chemistry.

Fecal Body Odor Caused by Physical Difficulties

While most people know what “skid marks” are (traces of feces in your underwear left after a bowel movement), many folks don’t realize that this may be due to specific deficiencies in their anatomy, and not simple carelessness when wiping. Some people’s anal sphincters do not or cannot close completely after a bowel movement. This results in a condition known as “anal leakage.” And while you might expect all anal leakage to result in brown streaks in your underwear, it is entirely possible that there would be no brown. Mucus lines our intestinal tracts, just as it does our respiratory tracts, and eases the passage of stool through the intestines. This mucus contains the same bacteria that our fecal matter contains, but has little or no color to it. This means that you may have anal leakage, without any telltale brown stains. If you suspect anal leakage, be sure to discuss the condition with your doctor, as there are medical treatments available.

Occupational Causes of Fecal Body Odor

Another seeming no-brainer, that actually isn’t. If you work as, say, a garbage collector, or in a sewage treatment plant, then you certainly might expect that your fecal body odor is a result of coming into contact with foul-smelling substances all day. But what about less obvious places of employment, such as farms or meat-packing plants? Essentially, any line of work that brings you into contact with either feces or food substances has the potential to leave a rotting, fecal smell on your person and/or clothing. If you work in one of these types of jobs, note whether or not your body odor goes away after a thorough shower. If it does, chances are very good that you do not have “true” (i.e. of internal origin) fecal body odor.

Systemic Fecal Body Odor Causes

Fecal body odor is one effect of chronic candidiasis, and also often accompanies the many other complaints of leaky gut syndrome. Trimethylaminuria, or TMAU, is also accompanied by body odor which can range from mild to severe. While most people consider the odor produced by TMAU to be fishy (in fact, this disorder is also known colloquially as fish odor syndrome), rotting fish is certainly a smell which could qualify as smelling like feces. TMAU is also a very rare disease, but if you can’t nail it down to the other causes above, it is a good idea to be tested for TMAU. Don’t be afraid of asking for this test, either; it is a urine test, so there’s no need to have blood drawn!


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    Well as we could see that body odor is an embarrasing issue to talk about with a doctor.let me adjus here that cure for fecal body odor is simple as you wont forget yourname. I would advice that if youexperience body odor check one of these that you do not have one : leaking gut, stomach gas, diabetic,lung infiection, smoking .and as well asalcohol abuse.OK the object here is you immune health .

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