New Review Posted – Body Mint

Not too long ago, I discovered a new product reputed to help folks with all types of body odor, from bad breath to stinky feet. It had received good reviews elsewhere, so I decided to take the leap an investigate it. If you’d like to head straight to the new information, check out my Body Mint Review now. If you’d like a little more info, read on!

Body Mint is a relatively new product, created by folks who live in the warm, body-odor-inducing climate of Hawaii. They worked so well, though, that they became a nationwide phenomenon! The basis for the product is chlorophyll, which I’ve been using as a chewable breath freshener for years. The creators of Body Mint did a great deal of research and testing, and eventually developed a type of chlorophyllin that worked far better than straight chlorophyll as it’s extracted from the plant.

While I doubt it would have cured all of my body odor issues back when I was suffering from full-blown fecal body odor, now that I have my underlying systemic candidiasis under control, Body Mint has helped me get rid of most of the last nagging vestiges of body odor – especially bad breath! I no longer have any use for chewable chlorophyll tablets, and my underarms don’t get stinky even if I forget an application of deodorant.

If you’d like to know more, such as how and why it works and where to find it, please be sure to check out my full review of Body Mint.

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