Change Your Underwear. No, Really!

I’m not talking about putting on a fresh pair of underwear on a daily basis. Hopefully everyone does that!

What I’m referring to is changing the type of underwear you wear. If you wear synthetics – nylon and polyester are the biggest culprits – you’re not allowing your nether regions to breathe. Think only people who wear “granny panties” or pantyhose have to worry about this? Think again! Satin, microfiber, and most lace panties are made from one of these two materials, with the occasional bit of spandex and elastic thrown in for good measure, and none of those synthetics is good for you. Even thongs can make you sweat if they’re made from these non-breathable materials!

Cotton and silk are your best bets for both avoiding sweat and promoting breathability. But if you think cotton panties have to be boring…sister, have you got a lot to learn! Sure, you can pick up some inexpensive Hanes at Wal-Mart and be done with it. But if you’re more the type to “dress to impress,” check out some of he cute little numbers available in 100% cotton, like these sexy butterfly thongs.

A good compromise: go with a style that has lace trim at the waist, but is primarily cotton. This will allow your vagina to breathe, while still turning up the sexy. Be sure you don’t fall for the old “put a cotton liner in the crotch” trick, though. There are many styles that will brag about having a cotton crotch, but there is still an outer layer of synthetics to which the cotton is sewn, which completely defeats the purpose. So be sure to check the fabric content before buying; if it mentions any synthetic content (beyond a little elastic for the waist), steer clear!

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